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June 26, 2016

10 Outdoor Tips for Winter Months

For real outdoor enthusiasts, winter is often the favorite season. Hiking and mountain biking to the real winter sports like ice skating, cross country skiing. A list of 10 fun winter activities is also on our agenda. You can start or join outdoor friends. Here 10 suggestions for outdoor sports. Also, golf is one of the most favorite. You may need a golf push cart for the game. View golf push cart reviews

# 1. Trail Running in the Dunes

Trail Running is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports at the time. Trail Running is running in the nature on dirt trails, “trails”. Walk usually around paved, around the block in your neighborhood? Question agree on a running buddy and choose one of the most beautiful jogging routes in nature in your area!

# 2. Mountain biking in the Diskeeper Forest Tour

In the winter months, cycling federation NTFU organizes every weekend bike rides: fully marked tours for each level! That means enjoying the most beautiful trails in the most beautiful areas! An additional tip for excursions: start later, you go to the pack, and it’s a lot quieter in the woods. You can pick your bike ride or go with Rabo

# 3. New Year’s Dive

The New Year’s Dive attracts more people every year. Are you with the biggest event in Scheveningen or choose a swim in your neighborhood? They organize on January 1 drive max. 150 population in a small lake.

# 4. Nature Photography

# 5. Safari Jogging

In winter you can make beautiful pictures. Pull the life and capture what fascinates you. You can also follow a nature photography workshop. In this area stay in winter many birds (such as the spoonbill, water rail, mustache and black tern, bearded tit, reed bunting, and greenfinches). Join us and make beautiful winter pictures of the birds in the berry-bearing bushes, complete with frost and wintry haze.

We’re going to spot wildlife on the Veluwe, in the morning early in the morning, just after sunrise (8:00 am). Led by a hard-going nature guide, we run the most beautiful paths. The guide takes us to the most beautiful and quietest routes and tells while running in the area and the lives of the animals. With a little luck, we meet “The Big Five of the Veluwe ‘: wild boar, badger, roe deer, fallow deer and red deer. Safari jogging you can do throughout the year.

# 6. Walking: 2-day marathon through Holland Dune Reserve

For many hikers, the two-day Walking Marathon a good start to a new year walking. You can walk for a good cause: the Arthritis Association. You can choose from a distance of 10 or 21 km, and you can walk one or two days. The area also represents a severe challenge to test your fitness and resist the soft sand, the changing weather conditions, and the sloping terrain.

# 7. Cave biking and cave climbing: in the caves in Limburg

Led by an experienced guide who knows the road and the rocks and leads you along the most beautiful places, do two special cave tours: at the CAVE BIKING drives you on a custom bike, armed with helmet and lamp, a 8 km long bike trail through dark subterranean corridors. The second cave activity, CAVE climbing, via Ferrata looks like, you’re making a descent into a 30m deep well, with shortcuts in hidden tunnels under the castle ruins.

# 8. Cross-country skiing on the Veluwe

When enough snow has fallen can be in different places on the Veluwe skiing. Then beautiful cross-country trails are plotted. That enjoys the Veluwe, with charming winter scenes. Along the way, you can be warmed in several restaurants. Some centers also offer trial lessons. With some friends, you can already enhance people at a group of skiers who comes into action when there is snow.

# 9. Road in Movie Swiss shepherds ‘Winter Nomads.’

As of January 16, 2014, in the cinema, the audience favorite, and winner of the European Film Award for Best Documentary in 2012. Brilliant movie about a shepherd couple and their dealings with their three donkeys, four dogs, and eight hundred sheep. The film shows beautiful winter images and the far-reaching consequences of the modern world on the lives of the shepherds, with the rural areas to make way for industry and construction.

# 10. Skating on natural ice, or (if necessary) an ice rink

Once it starts to freeze stores racing fever and you want to know asap: Where can I skate? You may be looking for natural ice (in ponds, lakes, canals, ponds, streams and ditches) in all provinces. For skate enthusiasts who do not want to wait: on skates map also shows all ice rinks.




June 13, 2016

General travel tips to Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is also known as Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest city. The city is located in the extreme south of Vietnam. The name is often abbreviated HCMC. Like Bangkok city never sleeps. There is always around doing something. Some restaurants or shops, for example, open 24/7.

Not only in the city is much to do, even in the immediate vicinity you can see a lot and do like to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, but a multi-day trip to Can Tho also are in the Mekong Delta or catch your breath on the largest island Vietnam, Phu Quoc half what lies beneath Cambodia. Check out the unique sights Tips for Ho Chi Minh City. Take Ho Chi Minh city tours

Guesthouses and hotels in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City as Bangkok’s Khao San Road, a backpacker area. This is called Pham Ngu Lao located in District 1. Pham Ngu Lao is only one street, but from there you can easily find your way to surrounding streets. Because many backpackers in the ‘neighborhood’ accommodation during their stay in Ho Chi Minh City you will also find most guesthouses and cheap hotels. Check the list of well-reviewed hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

Getting to Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • plane

Bus to Ho Chi Minh City (Open bus tour ticket)

Especially for budget travelers in Vietnam there exist so-called open bus tickets, known as Open Bus Tour. It is very simple. You buy one bus ticket. With that card, you can go from south to north in Vietnam or vice versa, or vacations. More information about this easy way to Vietnam for a cheap and quick way to know can be found on the individual open bus ticket page.

Train to Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam has an excellent rail network. The train is a lot more expensive than the open tour bus tickets described above, but you have more freedom to move from where you want. Also, travel not only with backpackers around you and the chance of contact with the local population is much larger.

Fly to Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City has two terminals. One for domestic flights and one for international flights. The terminals are two separate buildings. They are not very far apart (5 min. Walk) but if you are in a hurry. Then pay close attention. This may just mean the difference between whether or not you get the flight. The airport is served by the following airlines:

  • Air Asia (low-cost airline)
  • Jetstar Pacific (low-cost airline)
  • Thai Airways
  • Tiger Airways (low-cost airline)
  • Vietjet Air (low-cost carrier)
  • Vietnam Airlines

Sights in HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City is teeming largest city of Vietnam’s cultural and unique attractions. In and around the city has plenty to do. From the best bowl of Pho Bo, the national noodle to the Cu Chi Tunnels, where they tried to survive during the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh City is a city where you at least a day or 3 minima for the latter to draw out and should not be missed when visiting Vietnam. Get inspired by tips below!

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is a must-see for shopaholics and is the most famous market in Ho Chi Minh City. You will find among other things, clothing, flowers, coffee beans and you can get great food. Somehow it has also something away from Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.

Cholon (Chinatown)

The streets Cholon (Chinatown) are filled with beautiful sights, temples and smell all kinds of herbs and spices. You also come to the right place for excellent coffee and tea, delicious home.

Fruit Shakes Fun with Fruit World

For the ideal start to your day in Ho Chi Minh City start with a delicious fruit shake at Fun Fruit World. Choose your ingredients from the fruit buffet and have a farm-fresh shake in minutes!

Ho Chi Minh Museum

As a national hero should not be missing a Museum of Ho Chi Minh. Its construction took 20 years. The museum contains more than 120,000 documents, objects, and films about Ho Chi Minh’s life.

Quan Pho Quynh for the best soups

By Quan Pho Quynh you can find the most delicious soups from Ho Chi Minh City. Besides the traditional Pho Bo Beef Stew Soup is my absolute favorite. This is served with a freshly baked French baguette

May 23, 2016

Looking for a trampoline?

So you are looking for the best trampoline? Through this website, you can seek advice before purchasing a trampoline.

A trampoline is not only fun for young and old, but also has many advantages. In a time of much media use, it is good for children to have a nice outdoor play. Yet it happened, unfortunately, less and less. Children prefer to hang behind the TV or computer, they are actively playing. Therefore, it is very good for your children to buy a trampoline.

Exercise and relaxation

A trampoline is a combination of relaxation and exercise. Children can playfully endeavor, for example they develop their muscles and improve their sense of balance and locomotion. They have a refined sense of balance, rhythm, pace and space. It is also a good way to play with other children, to bring discipline and improve social contact. The trampoline is indeed very suitable for playing together.

Good for your condition

The trampoline is used for several things: take a nap, sunbathe, read a book, but also jump a ball and string can have all done well on! For the adults there are plenty of advantages: there is a faster calorie burning, you will be more supple, it leads to less stress on the joints, the legs get a better figure, there is a faster oxygen supply and it reduces stress . Because you are using almost all your muscles with jumping on a trampoline, it’s very good for your condition.

In short: enough reasons to buy a trampoline, and to fully enjoy! Your children can enjoy themselves quite a trampoline in the garden. This offers also opportunities for smaller gardens where space for a playing field is missing. What you should consider when buying a trampoline?


Safety is paramount. To the trampoline going to be voldoene open space so that children do not hurt themselves when they might end up next to the trampoline. Think about a meter when the trampoline has no safety net. When there is a safety net is present, about half a meter of space is sufficient. When you buy a trampoline without a safety net, it is advisable to bury the trampoline. Allow sufficient space beneath the jumping surface so that even when a heavier person wants to take a leap, they are not hurting ankles. Note anyway that the trampoline is suitable for the weight of the acrobats.


Trampolines are available in many sizes. If your garden offers the possibility, is preferable to a larger trampoline above a smaller one. Children have so more space so that they can continue to be further from the edge from. It is also the jumping experience on a larger trampoline generally better. A trampoline between 2.5 and 3.5 meters is recommended.


If you want the trampoline years to keep up can be fifteen, you should note the following points: – The better the frame is galvanized (inside and outside?), The better the corrosion resistant.
– Note the tube diameter and the thickness of the tube wall. A robust frame can obviously handle harder hits.
– Pay attention to the number of stitching and finishing. More seams increase the firmness.
– Pay attention to the thickness and width of the trampoline edge. Note the sail quality, seams and see if the rim is tight enough to prevent the child’s feet get into the springs below the rim. Also, the type of fill of trampoline edge may vary. An edge that does not absorb moisture is recommended. Furthermore, it is better if the edge has sufficient overhang to take away the view of the underside.
– Note the springs. The springs are fully galvanized? A double conical spring (to both sides of decreasing diameter) handles the bounce better than a normal spring.
– What marks the trampoline? The most famous mark is perhaps the TÜV / GS mark. There is also the AIB Vincotte mark and CE marking.

Burying trampoline

Measure the height of the trampoline and add to it the height of the surface of the legs on. For example, by laying tiles under the legs can be prevented by the legs from sinking. Save a pole in the middle of where the trampoline has to come into the ground. attach a rope of at least half of the diameter of the trampoline. Mark the circle with pickets or stab with a spade flush away some lawn. Then dig the hole to the depth that you calculated earlier. Make sure that the hole is not too wide so children can come into contact with their feet.

May 11, 2016

Tent types: Family tents – Purchasing Tips

Tent types: Family tents – Purchasing Tips

Camping with family and friends is a popular summer activity. You will find useful information on the criteria to be considered when buying your home canvas.

Family tents

Tents designed for four or more belong to the category of family tents or holiday (here you will find tips for buying trekking tents).

Tunnel tent: these tents with straight vertical side walls offer the greatest possible usable space and generously sized entries. Some models are equipped with large eaves and interior walls. In this category, weight plays a secondary role; these tents are usually transported by car.

Camping tent

A tent for 2-3 people is ideal for a trip in a weekend or open air. Spacious and inexpensive, it is the ideal choice when the weight does not play a decisive role.

Tent: the big sister of the classic trekking tent dome offers better wind stability. What a relaxing nights, even in stormy weather. Compared to a tunnel tent, its rounded shape somewhat limits the space available.

Each type of tents has different ranges of prices, so be careful while choosing one to spend on, click here for best camping tents for sale.

The criteria to consider in buying a tent are listed below.

Installation and comfort


If you do not want to have to change clothes or cook curved, make sure your tent is high enough to keep you there standing.


How many entries tents have? What Are the shape of the doors and easy to open or close? In this matter, the cabin style tents are the most practical.


The system of arches forming a tent structure determines the simplicity of its installation. The fewer arches are, the more the tent is easy and quick to assemble.

Water Column

The higher it is, the more the tent remains sealed, even in case of heavy rain.

Transport volume

What are the dimensions of the folded tent? This specification is particularly important for campers with a small car or a motorcycle.


The doors, windows and ceiling are often equipped with mosquito nets. They improve ventilation and prevent moisture while keeping insects at bay.

Living / eave

The eaves should be large enough to house the camping furniture, luggage or dirty shoes in case of bad weather.


A sunshade is an additional waterproof cover, usually used in continuation of the attempts to enlarge the available space.

Interior equipment and pockets

A loop is frequently under the tent ceiling to hang a lantern. To store small objects such as car keys or a flashlight, it is wise to choose a tent with pockets sewn inside.

Useful accessories

Tarpaulin protection / footprint: An additional tarpaulin (tailored, purchase separately) under the tent, protects the bottom of this sharp stones, branches, gravel or mud. The repair or replacement of this cover is much less expensive than replacing the back of the tent. Its use is particularly recommended for family tents, where the comings in and goings out are common. Tarpaulin having the same size as the bottom of the tent, water accumulates on the ground and the cover and not between the sheet and the back of the tent.

Other useful accessories

  • Sardines for sandy soils
  • Broom / dust pan and shovel
  • Hammer and tool to pull sardines
  • Additional sardines and strings

Maintenance tents – Tips

The following tips will be of great use.


Before using your tent for the first time, train yourself to move up and become familiar with the equipment. Take the opportunity to control everything.

On site – the perfect location:

Test place

Choose as flat as possible (lie down on the ground to test the place). Remove sharp stones and tree branches. Avoid the rocks and depressions where water can accumulate. If the floor is uneven, make sure to place your head at the highest point.

Avoid trees

Do not camp in exposed places, such right under a tree or on top (risk of lightning). Branches or resin from the trees can also damage the tent.


The entrance of the tent should not be exposed to the weather (usually west) but be sheltered from the wind. Wherever possible, orient the entrance to the east. Start the day well with the rising sun.


If the wind blows, looking where possible to take shelter behind rocks or a small hill. Place the lower part of the tent in the wind and stow it well.


If the soil is stony, weigh down with stones sardines lacking stability. Prick them in the ground as level as possible (an angle of 45 ° is ideal).

Among many types of tents, even there many tents that have more than 2 rooms, though, buying family tents when you want your whole family to be out for some days without having any discomfort is such a great idea!

May 10, 2016

8 Great Tips for pictures at football matches

There is a type of photography that we have not covered and is forced: football. Are many concerns that have sports as well as photographic and (not I get angry so the followers of other sport) football is the game. Trail cameras are advisable for this. View trail camera reviews.

For those who ever have tried to cover a sporting event or are thinking of doing so in the future, today I want to collect in this article a number of tips and recommendations for your photos in football will improve a bit the next time that you may have more opportunity. These recommendations will also serve to take pictures in almost any sport. In just two minutes and I’ll tell you how.


A few days ago we asked our friend Jose, who has bought a Sony A200 and wanted to know how to take advantage of your camera in football matches and other sporting events. While this article will focus on football, when you read you will understand that has application in virtually any sport.

The location on the field

I’m thinking of games amateur football, not professional. I start from this basis that the recommendation of the location in the field requires some freedom, and professional matches additional problems related to the authorizations and permits to remain in certain areas of the field reserved not cover here is added.

Having said this, I think a good place to stand is in the band of the attacking team. I prefer the band to the area behind the goal because in the latter there are too many elements that can interfere with our composition. However, as the parties are long, you can always try for a while to take pictures from there.

Focal distance

As football fields are large and can not control where the action occurs in the field from where you are, you need a long focal length. If you ever noticed in the games they put on television, photographers appear with goals seem more than guns.

I do not want to condition the choice of a particular model of the focal lens or closed, but we should think about the 300 or 400mm.

As an open recommendation, before making a payment in respect deberíasprobar with the longest focal lens we have to see if it is sufficient and, from there, think of achievable goals to pocket the type 70-200 and 70- 300 (if you have money problems and are willing to handle 4-digit numbers, the optics market certainly quite extended).


Shutter speed

On the one hand, the use of long focal force you to use very fast shutter speeds for the picture does not leave by the movement of the camera. On the other, the very action of the situation will need to work at very high speeds.

Based on these two parameters, my recommendation is to do a few tests, and as a reference, to give speed, try to think of 1/500. But I repeat, it is best to test.

Speed Priority

When selecting the shooting mode, this is one of those situations where aid using the option speed priority, so that our camera respect the speed setting you have selected and adjust the aperture from there.


Well, you’ll have no choice but to use ISOs quite high for the picture comes out correctly exposed in conditions shutter speed with which you work. In this regard, the brighter the target, the better. But the brightness is one of the factors that set the price.

Do not be afraid to use high ISOs and recalls that gives higher quality for a photo well exposed with a higher ISO against another underexposed with lower ISO.


Scenes: Looking for Action

The most interesting pictures in sports in general and football, in particular, are those actions. It can be a pass, an entry, a simple touch of the ball, a shot on goal or the celebration of a goal.

There are also other situations that convey a lot of information in a game, such as expressions of the players or the public before a given action.

Reflect on the most representative moments of a game and try to pick them up with your camera.

Length and cuts

Take a good frame in sports photography is very complicated, as you might guess. Even professionals often reframe your photos on your computer.

My recommendation is that you give some air to the photographs so that the scene not be cut off (an arm, a leg, …) and then make a further reframing if you see that has not been too close to the center of attention.